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“Concert for Peace” Gala, Memorial Hall


The University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio 

– Maestro Zonic, a composer, conductor, and director, in the last few weeks preparing for an inspirational “Concert for Peace” to be held at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 13, at Memorial Hall in Dayton. The concert, featuring the Dayton and Sarajevo philharmonic orchestras, Dayton Philharmonic Chorus, University of Dayton Choral Union, Omega Choir, Mt. Calvary Missionary Choir. The event will be broadcasted through Time Warner and ThinkTV with a simulcast on WDPR/WDPG-FM. The concert is held in conjunction with activities commemorating the fourth anniversary of the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords project that ended the Bosnian war.

Aside from the arduous task of coordinating and leading travel for 60 musicians from Sarajevo and several European countries, Maestro Zonic had to transcribe his “Shimmering Thread” — a musical message of hope and peace — which will close the commemorative concert.

“The traditional music of Bosnia had become tinged with the extreme nationalism of the country,” Bruce Hitchner, Chairman of Dayton Peace Accords said. “I was looking for music that emphasized many cultures and the musical voice of freedom and tolerance. Dino was the only artist-musician in Bosnia to compose music based on the siege and his experiences during the siege.”

Hitchner described with enthusiasm the evolution of “Shimmering Thread,” borne of Zonic’s yearning for peace in his Sarajevo hometown, into a fully-orchestrated concert piece fit for the stage at Memorial Hall.

Maestro Zonic was equally excited in his announcement that a total of 400 artists – including members of both orchestras and a chorus. To facilitate the performance, Zonic had to re-score his music for the symphony orchestra.

He accomplished the task in record time — less than a week, Hitchner said. Most people who meet Zonic are mesmerized by how he uses music to heal wounds.


Mark Fraze, a professional musician and renowned entrepreneur once he got to know Dino, who speaks with spellbinding emotion and conviction about the power of music, he realized, “He’s such a genius. Dino knows no rejection. His enthusiasm is amazing, but what’s amazing is that he’s a genuinely talented person. He’s the real thing, and I have faith in him. This is a Cinderella story, and it’s not over yet.”

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