The Madricello Infinity LOOP

Dino Zonic is developing parter for the Madricello Infinity LOOP, a unique outdoor multimedia venue offering an immersive, interactive, visual and sound experience. 

Madricello Infinity LOOP is a sound/visual giant resonant sculpture, a cutting edge immersive concert hall under the open sky. It’s a 6 story high landmark designed in the form of an elevated, recumbent figure eight, the symbol of infinity.  

The Loop is the new ultimate way to experience outdoor acoustics comparable to one of the world's most famous concert halls the Vienna Musikverein at an open-air venue, made by KH Kunstprojekte, GMBH of Vienna, Austria.

At night, the Madricello Infinity LOOP comes alive with illumination. It is utilized as a large dynamic display for 3D Projection Mapping and intelligent lighting. The entire surface will be used as a giant display for dynamic 3D Mapping projections.


Visitors will be able to use the interactive entertainment feature to create their own public art display. With the move of a hand, the sensors will translate movement into location data that is sent to the web server, allowing the visitor to interact with the visual content in real-time and on a remarkable scale. 

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