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From the dawn of humanity, music has expressed a voice of spiritual evolution and the identity of the human race. It is our deepest political and intellectual instrument to attain universal goals, to keep the world together" - Dino Zonic

World-acclaimed composer and conductor Edin Dino Zonic produced numerous productions across the world such as the Broadway - NY; the European tour of Musical Circle; Opening Ceremonies of Winter Games - Lake Placid NY - a TIME WARNER Production; Dayton Peace Accords and Dayton Peace Price a special performances for President Bill Clinton, the US Department of State, UN, and Presidents and delegations from the around of the world; a series of concert spectaculars in Dayton, OH combining over 375 performers on stage among others.

Maestro Zonic was the first international winner of the 2007 Golden Karma award for philanthropic work, joining such luminaries as Robert Redford, Angelina Jolie, and Muhammad Ali

Maestro Zonic is a winner of the ASCAP and American Symphony Orchestra League for outstanding repertoire and also winner of the “40 Under 40” – Business Journal Awards – The Dayton Business Journal and Wright State University.

Maestro Zonic started his career in the early 90s, as one of the youngest professors and composers in a former Yugoslavia. After experiencing the war and destruction in the sieged city of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, he dedicated his work to fostering unity between people and nations through his concerts and theatrical spectaculars, which he has produced all over the world.

Named as Cultural Ambassador of both Sarajevo and the Bosnia and Herzegovina - his home country, he became the Balkans’ most prominent artistic creator.

He was selected in the top 10 of the most recognized and influential artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina that was praised by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, the Dalai Lama, President Bill Clinton, and other world luminaries.

From 1995 to present, Dino Zonic produced and conducted the Unity Through Music, a series of special concerts with the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra and special international guests soloists and orchestra members.


During the siege in Sarajevo, he composed and directed Circle, a highly acclaimed majestic musical, which played for four years in sold-out concert halls in Europe including Broadway, NYC.

Dino Zonic is in a preparation to stage his long waited dream creation, the Spatial concert event and an Immersive Theatrical Show. The production is a blend of 3D visuals with 3D Projection Mapping, 3D glasses, interactive technologies, live orchestra and electronic artists.

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Dino Zonic - "Unity Through Music" Documentary

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