The vision of developing the youth orchestra programs is critical to the youth today.

Dino Zonic’s Youth Symphony program is crossing the boundaries of conventional teaching and pursuing the worthy endeavor of musical education beyond the

typical classroom providing an

advanced orchestral music

training, which would not

otherwise be offered.

The program's mission is to

support the students’

development as artists, expose

them to broader audiences,

and encourage their ambitions

and dreams.



Program Director, Conductor, Writer of Music Curriculum


Dino Zonic created a music orchestra program at Centennial High School for the Compton Unified School District. In only 35 days he produced the Centennial Philharmonic Orchestra, consisting of 85 economically disadvantaged students. Their concert success attracted over $110,000 in donations as well as a documentary movie "The Magic Of Us" and extensive coverage by FOX National News.

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