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The vision of developing the youth orchestra programs is critical to the youth today. Dino Zonic provides an advanced orchestral and music training, which would not otherwise be offered.

During 2013 and 2014, in partnership with Music Unites and Compton Board of Education Maestro Zonic created Youth Symphony Program for “at-risk” youth in Compton, California. At that time Compton Schools has recurring problems with a high ratio of violence.
In six weeks of training with the students from the greater area of Compton held at Centennial High School, Mr. Zonic's produced a series of concerts which created resounding success followed by local and national TV, and media. In the first two months, the program generated $110,000 in donations and was featured on FOX National TV News.

The Magic Of Us
Documentary Part 1


"And then long came Dino. the Maestro, the Magician!
You only meet such an individual once in a lifetime."

- Jesse Jones, Principal Centennial High School

In 2015, United Through Music and Maestro Zonic organized an international and educational USA tour for the world champions girls choir "Little Stars" (Zvijezdice) from Zagreb, Croatia. The choir performed in Chicago, Ojai, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. 

In collaboration with the Board of education of Dayton - OH, and Red Oak Productions, Maestro Zonic successfully implemented the Youth Orchestra program held at Stivers School for the Arts in Dayton, OH. His work with the students from a greater Dayton area deliver a series of United Through Music concert spectaculars.

The number of students from a broader Dayton area who participated in this program continued their music education in colleges: Berkeley, Brown, Oberlin, and Wright State University, receiving full scholarships in music.

At the Schuster Performing Arts Center in Dayton, the Youth Orchestra performances combined 375 students on the stage attracting large public and media attention, followed by local and national Press, NBC, FOX, PBS, NPR Radio, and Radio Voice of America.

The events generated $550,000 in revenue to support further music education in the Dayton community.

Concert series was held in Dayton, OH at the Victoria Theater, Schuster Performing Arts Center, and Masonic Temple concert hall.