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The 25th Anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide Memorial

Memorial Center "Kovaci", Sarajevo

The Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra presents a special concert event for the 25th Anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide Memorial. 

This piece is about Fatima, the youngest victim of Srebrenica, a child that was born on the night she was killed. She got her name after they identified her in 2012. In this way, we want to symbolically remember her and all victims of Srebrenica during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through the language of art, emotion, and compassion, this event is our role for the future of the generations we hope to live in peace.

Soprano: Adema Pljevljak-Krehic

The broadcast made by National Television and Federal Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Bosnian Rhapsody

Los Angeles, California

The Bosnian Rhapsody (Bosanska Rapsodija) chamber version by Dino Zonic was performed as a part of the legendary EMS Enlightenment Music Series. 

The United Through Music concert featured the renowned musicians Marina Manukian - violin concertmaster, Mark Baranov - violin, Maksim Velichkin - Violoncello, Mischa Lakirovich - Viola, Simone Vitucci - Violoncello, Bryan Pezzone - Piano, and  Filippo Voltaggio as Master of Ceremonies.

Article by Filippo Voltaggio - Host Life Changes Show

Los Angeles -
As the Century turned from the 20th to the 21st, there were many hopes and dreams created by millions of people throughout the world, of a Century of peace and love for all humankind.  One such particular dreamer and creator was a young Bosnian composer, and conductor, of creating unity through music, and of composing unifying orchestral pieces. Read more...

John Fetzer, VR Project

Dino Zonic was the soundtrack composer and sound effects producer for the Vortex Immersion Media Company, and the "John Fetzer" VR (Virtual Reality) project, for the Fetzer Institute. 

Plakat 31.12.2018..jpg

New Year's Eve Gala Concert


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra invited composer and conductor Dino Zonic, and orchestral musicians from Los Angeles, to perform with the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra "United Through Music", a New Year’s Eve Gala concert celebration in Sarajevo. 

This gala event is a bilateral cultural exchange to promote unity among nations and honor the bond of friendship between two countries - the United States of America, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

For this special occasion, Dino Zonic premiered his newest orchestral work "Bosnian Rhapsody". Read more...

Palm Springs Orchestra

Dino Zonic is the Conductor and Producer of the Palm Springs Orchestra (PSO). He directed numerous events to support fundraising efforts for the orchestra's first concert season.

PSO events included special guests:

Chris Bennett, Grammy-nominated Composer, Pianist, Singer; 

Nikica Lesich, Pianist Virtuoso; Elizabeth Pitcairn, Violin Virtuoso - Performing with the famous Mendelssohn Red Stradivarius Violin; Little Stars - World Champion Girls Choir; Boris Martinovich, Bass-Baritone; Evgeny Tonkha, Cello; Eduardo Delgado, Pianist Virtuoso; Diana Grubisic Cirkovic – Harp, Piano; Anna Belaya, Soprano; Antonia Dunjko – Soprano; Daniel Hendrick, Tenor; Chika Inoue, Alto Saxophone, and Filippo Voltaggio, Master of Ceremonies, Host of "Life Changes Show". Read more...

Producer, Editor

Produced recording and mixing of the album "Something Wonderful" with Chris Bennett and Bill Marx (son of Harpo Marx).  Producing, editing the new music video "Something Wonderful" at the famous and former estate of Loretta Young. 

Watch video

Paradigm, An Immersive Journey and Multi-Sensory Experience


Paradigm is VR/AR Theatrical Stage Show, a unique Immersive “fantasia-esque” experience.

Paradigm is a blend of 360° Cinema, state of the art Virtual-Augmented reality, 3D Projection Mapping, Interactive Technologies, 3D Immersive Sound, and a live Philharmonic Orchestra. 

This upcoming production is a collaboration with a multi-award winning team of visionaries who present this first of its kind theatrical spectacle. Production is currently in development. 


PSO Chris Bennett.jpg
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Chris Bennett.jpeg
Paradigm Project Summary.jpg




Program Director, Conductor, Writer of Music Curriculum

Dino Zonic created a music orchestra program at Centennial High School for the Compton Unified School District. In only 35 days he produced the Centennial Philharmonic Orchestra, consisting of 85 economically disadvantaged students. Their concert success attracted over $110,000 in donations as well as a documentary movie "The Magic Of Us" and extensive coverage by FOX National News. Read More...

Youth Symphony Program Dino Zonic1.jpg

The Composer

A tale inspired by a true story.

"...A young composer in Sarajevo faces a brutal enemy intent on extinguishing the soul and culture of his people. The composer must choose to lay down his baton and take up a rifle to defend his city. The composer’s war experience reshapes his identity and clarifies his mission – to trade-in his rifle for a conductor’s baton. Determined to awaken the spirit of humanity through music composer he envisions the first Peace Concert in Sarajevo involving people from all religions."

“For the heroes of all religions who fought and defend

the unity of Sarajevo during the siege of 1991-1995.”


“Unity Through Music”, Gala Concert in Sarajevo

In partnership with the Red Oak Productions and the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, Maestro Zonic has co-produced and conducted a "United Through Music" Gala concert in Sarajevo along with Maestro Neal Gittleman. For this special occasion, Dino Zonic premiered his new orchestral piece "Symphony Entrata" commemorating fallen heroes defending Sarajevo. Read More...

01. Poster cocert for Unity and Peace Sa
03. Dino Zonic conducts combined orchest

Musical “The Circle”

Composer, Writer, Director

Born out of the pain, terror, and devastation of the Siege of Sarajevo, CIRCLE, a Majestic Musical, is a story of unity & peace over hatred & tyranny. CIRCLE celebrates a triumph of the Human Spirit.

There is a light and shimmering thread that encircles and unites us all. In this fine and glittering web we’re standing forever bound.” Read More...


Concert Series Unity Through Music, Dayton OH

As a Conductor of Stivers Philharmonic Orchestra, Dino Zonic has performed throughout Dayton, Ohio, a series of concert spectaculars co-produced in association with the Red Oak Productions. Held at: Schuster Performing Arts Center, Victoria Theatre, Masonic Concert Hall, involving joined orchestras and members such: Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, Miami Symphony Orchestra, Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Wright State University Orchestra, University of Dayton Symphony Orchestra, Stivers Philharmonic Orchestra, community choirs, and special national and international guests. Read More...

Dino Zonic 2.jpg

Dino Zonic and Maria Russo

As a guest conductor of the Miami Valley Symphony Orchestra Dino Zonic performed with opera diva Maria Russo the Aria ‘Suicidio’ from Opera “La Gioconda” by Amilcare Ponchielli. The performance was used for the motion picture “Immortally Yours”.


Good Will Games, Time Warner


Goodwill Games with Time Warner Production commissioned Maestro Zonic to produce and conduct the orchestration of the Led Zeppelin's classic “Kashmir” for the opening ceremonies of the Winter Goodwill Games 2000 in Lake Placid. As a guest conductor, he leads the Crane School Symphony Orchestra with featured musicians Emir Nuhanovic, Solo Clarinet – Director Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra; and Djamel Benyelles, Electric Violin.

GoodWill Games.jpeg

Dayton Peace Accords – Dayton Peace Prize

Dino Zonic was invited to continue his mission in the Dayton Peace Accords and Dayton Peace Prize as Cultural Ambassador, Music Director and Composer in Residence.

From 1995-2001 he composed and directed numerous events and concerts and designed cultural enrichment programs to expose Balkan culture to American culture and lifestyle.

In honor of the First Recipient of the Dayton Peace Prize William Jefferson Clinton, Dino Zonic composed an original score, Symphony ‘Entrata,’ a Symphony dedicated to the fallen comrades defending the city of Sarajevo. Read more...

“Concert for Peace” Gala

“Concert for Peace”, at Memorial Hall in Dayton. The concert, featuring the Dayton and Sarajevo philharmonic orchestras, is held in conjunction with activities commemorating the Dayton Peace Accords project that ended the Bosnian war. Read more...

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