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The 25th Anniversary of Srebrenica Memorial

Special Concert Event, Bosnian National Theatre 

Sarajevo - July 9th, 2020.

This commemoration event will premiere Dino Zonic’s new orchestral poem, “Fatima”, dedicated to the youngest victim of Srebrenica.

The Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra presents a special concert event for the 25th Anniversary of Srebrenica MemorialRead More...

Bosnian Rhapsody in Burbank

The Bosnian Rhapsody chamber version by Dino Zonic was performed as a part of the legendary EMS Enlightenment Music Series, Burbank, Saturday, January 18th, 2020 at 7:30 pm... Read More...

John Fetzer, VR Project

Dino Zonic is the composer of soundtrack and sound effects for the Vortex Immersion Media Company and the "John Fetzer" VR (Virtual Reality) project, for the Fetzer Institute. 

Paradigm, An Immersive Journey and Multi-Sensory Experience

Paradigm is a new VR/AR Immersive Theatrical Stage Show. 

Paradigm is a blend of 360° Cinema, state of the art Virtual-Augmented reality, 3D Projection Mapping, Interactive Technologies, 3D Immersive Sound, and a live Philharmonic Orchestra.


The Fraze Family Foundation

of the Dayton Foundation

The MacNaughton Family Foundation

“I think we owe him another round of applause!”  - President Bill Clinton

“His tale is not only one of personal triumph over adversity, but is also one of inspiration, determination, and artistry.”  Golden Karma Awards


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