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An Immersive Journey and Multi-Sensory Experience


Paradigm is the VR/AR, a Immersive Theatrical Stage Show 

combining 360° Cinema, state of the art Virtual-Augmented reality, 3D Projection Mapping, Interactive Technologies, 3D Immersive Sound, and a live Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Through this new blend of cutting edge technologies and live Orchestra, Paradigm will not only entertain a world-wide family audience, but will seek to inspire, and deeply connect people with the majesty of life.

Paradigm will present a connection between an unseen force and seen force, between invisible to visible, and to transport the audience into a world where the theater, performance, and audience become one. 

Appealing to all ages, Paradigm will take the audience on a musical and immersive journey to and beyond the senses as we traverse the core of ocean and wildlife habitats, the cosmos, and the wonder of existence in both natural and technological realms. 

This creation is a quest for all of us. Who are we? What is our connection with nature and each other?  How do we realize that everything in and around us is connected through the perfect network of life?” - Dino Zonic

Driven by a passion for beauty and innovation, we seek to create a new form of immersive entertainment at the perfect time as VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) become the new form of entertainment.


This upcoming production is a collaboration with a multi-award winning team of visionaries who present this first of its kind theatrical spectacle. Production is currently in development.


For inquiries please use the contact page or click here...

Dino Zonic, Producer

Mark Laisure, Executive Producer

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