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Majestic Musical

by Dino Zonic


There is a light and shimmering thread that encircles and unites us all. In this fine and glittering web we’re standing forever bound.”

Born out of the pain, terror, and devastation of the Siege of Sarajevo, CIRCLE, a Majestic Musical, is a story of unity & peace over hatred & tyranny. CIRCLE celebrates a triumph of the Human Spirit.

CIRCLE is a paradigm-shifting theatrical show, that emerges in a new, hybrid form, combining elements of the Musical, Cirque du Soleil, and Rock-Opera theatre.

CIRCLE transcends place and time through mesmerizing classical and rock-inspired vocals and music, choreography, all profoundly enhanced by innovations in 3D projection mapping. The performance is a fantasia of music, color, imagery, adventure, and intrigue.

CIRCLE portrays an epic tale of Sarajevo and a group of its World-centric musicians on a perilous and victorious journey to fulfill a shared destiny, to spread a musically amplified call for unity in Sarajevo and throughout the World. Along the way, as their city comes under brutal attack, the musicians confront characters and events representing the opposing forces of good and evil. The cast captures the imagination through the strength of the united effort.

Would their call help make the world better against the insurmountable odds, or will they fall victim to the war surrounding their artistic soul?

From 1995 - 1999 Circle production of 32 cast members was performed for four years in sold-out theaters and concert halls in Europe and the United States such as: ‘Theatre an der Wien’ Vienna-Austria; City of London Festival; ‘Irish Art Center’ Broadway-New York; ‘Vatroslav Lisinski’ Concert Hall, Zagreb-Croatia; ‘Schuster Performing Arts Center’ Dayton- Ohio; ‘Postohoff’ Linz, Austria.

Circle musical story is about the triumph of love and unity over hatred and tyranny, a story that celebrates the survival of the human spirit. 

Circle has been recognized and supported by his Holiness Pope John Paul II, his Holiness the Dalai Lama; the Presidential offices and Ministry of Culture of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina; US Ambassador in United Nations – Richard Holbrooke; Bosnian Ambassador to the UN – Mo Sacirbay; UN Ambassador Dr. Gerhard Pfanzelter-Austria; the Dayton Peace Accords-Bruce Hitchner Chairman; UNHCR, Croatia Archbishop Franjo Cardinal Kuharic; Rudi Klausnitzer, Director "Theatre an der Wien"; Bianca Jagger – Ambassador Balkan Institute; Brian Eno-Producer, Initiative against the War – Muenster Germany; Through Heart to Peace – London, Lifeline Network For Peace-Alexandra, among others.

The original production team and cast 1995-1999:

Music and Story: Edin Dino Zonic
Libretto: Mustafa Tanovic, Edin Dino Zonic, Rade Cikes-
Medan, James Rounds, Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart)
Narrations: Mustafa Tanovic, Rade Cikes-Medan
Choreographer: Royston Maldoom

Ass. Choreographer: Irena Raduka, Sinisa Hapac
Costumes: Ljerka Zmaic
Set Design: Mustafa Forto;

Ass. Set Design: Jelana Korencic
Light Design: Reno Raos, Josip Bencic, Zeljko Lale
Sound: Remo Cartagine
Make Up: Mirjana Tepsic, Zeljka Babic, Jadranka Petricek
Stage Manager: Leonila Grundler
Ass. Productions Cast: Goran Karan, Julija Zlopasa, Jelena Radan,
Vladimir Nothig, Jadranka Krajina
Graphic Design: Studio ‘Trio’, Jelena Korencic
Photography: Walter
Ass. Organisation: Fahro Kulenovic, Kreso Petricek
Production Advisors: Royston Maldoom, Mustafa Tanovic, Josip Magdic, Sead Alic
Marketing Directors: Bariz Zonic, Jasna Frajtic-Zrnec
Public Relations: Astrid Musura-Kaucic

Co-Producer: Royston Maldoom, Rade Cikes-Medan, Mustafa Tanovic
Theatrical Director: Dubravka Zrncic-Kulenovic
Executive Producer: Edi Matic, Bariz Zonic, Mark Fraze
Producer/Director: Edin Dino Zonic



1. Goran Karan, Lead Solo Vocal
2. Jelena Radan, Lead Solo Voca
3. Julija Zlopasa, Lead Solo Vocal
4. Ante Grossi, Lead Solo Vocal
5. Alan Belusic, Lead Solo Vocal
6. Ivana Husar, Lead Solo Vocal
7. Marija Husar, Lead Solo Vocal
8. Baucic Ervin, Lead Solo Vocal
9. Nermin Puskar, Solo Vocal
10. Mirza Tetaric, Solo Vocal
11. Vladimir Nöthig, Solo Vocal
12. Helena Bastic, Solo Vocal
13. Jana Nemecek, Solo Vocal
14. Ljubica Kelcec-Suhovec, Solo Vocal
15. Sanja Didovic, Solo Vocal
16. Jadranka Krajina, Solo Vocal
17. Julie Harrity-Pauley, Solo Vocal
18. Franciska Gluhak, Solo Vocal
19. Darija Saltagic, Ensemble
20. Mirjana Foretic, Ensemble
21. Suzana Derk, Ensemble
22. Alan Gabor, Ensemble
23. Igor Hapac, Ensemble
24. Sinisa Hapac, Ensemble
25. Irena Raduka, Ensemble
26. Gorana Cehic, Ensemble
27. Karlo Starcevic, Ensemble
28. Mirsada Dizdarevic, Ensemble
29. Drago Lokas, Ensemble
30. Irena Malbasa, Ensemble
31. Ana Hanic, Ensemble
32. Marijana Delic, Ensemble
33. Amela Priganica, Ensemble
34. Haris Osmic, Ensemble
35. Natasa Petrovic, Ensemble
36. Manuela Bolta, Ensemble
37. Marko Pletikosa, Ensemble
38. Marina Matolic, Ensemble
39. Doris Dundovic, Ensemble
40. Neven Palacek, Ensemble
41. Goran Vasovic, Ensemble

42. Miki Trifunov, Narrator
43. Tarik Filipovic, Narrator

Musical Circle has been performed in venues such as:

– ‘Irish Art Centre’ Broadway, New York, USA
– ‘Theatar An der Wien’ Vienna, Austria
– ‘Schuster Performing Arts Center’, Dayton, USA
– ‘Spitalfields’ , City of London, Festival England
– Dayton Peace Accords – Dayton Peace Prize, USA
– Michael Bashaw’s, Concert Auditorium Dayton, USA
– Concert Hall ‘Vatroslav Lisinski’ Zagreb, Croatia
– Concert Hall, Muenster, Germany
– Concert Hall, Hildesheim, Germany
– ‘Stadt Hale’ Graz, Austria
– Concert Hall ‘Posthoff’ Linz, Austria
– Concert Hall Graz, Austria
– ‘Hazelwood House’ South Devon, England
– ‘St. Magnus’ Festival, Scotland
– ‘Woodwick House’ – Orkney, Scotland
– ‘Spilsby’ Theatre – Linconshire, England
– ‘The Pit’ – Crondal, Farnham Surrey England
– ‘Croatian National Theatre’ Split, Croatia
– ‘Croatian National Theatre’ Osijek, Croatia
– ‘Bosnian Cultural Center’ Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– ‘Croatian National Theatre’ Rijeka, Croatia
– ‘Croatian National Theatre’ Zadar, Croatia
– ‘Istrian National Theatre’ Pula, Croatia

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